Class 2 to Sleights Primary School


Class 2 are made up of the Year 1 and Year 2 children. Their teachers are Mrs Roe and Mrs Burton with Mr Everall helping in the classroom as the teaching assistant.


 Hello, and welcome to Class 2. We have had a very busy term taking part in lots of activities linked to our topic 'The Olympics' and our science work looking at plants and animals.

We have found learning to be fun in maths by taking part in lots of hands on activities. We have learnt about position and direction by programming Beebots to travel along roads we have made. We have found out alot about 2D and 3D shapes by searching for shapes around school, sorting shapes by their properties and making shape patterns.


All the class have been learning about Brazil, in particular animals in the Amazon Rainforest. The children really enjoyed researching the different animals that live there and writing fact files about them. Year 2 children became very concerned about the jaguars, as they are becoming an endangered species, so they decided to write a persuasive letter to Miss Spencer asking if we could adopt one. We now have our very own mini jaguar, which we have named 'Dash' and each child gets a turn to look after him for a weekend.


In science we are learning about plants and animals. We started by looking at and naming different plants around school. Then we carried out experiments to discover what plants need to grow and what the different parts of a plant are called. We also have been learning about the life cycle of a plant and a butterfly. On a recent school trip to Butterfly World we were able to take a closer look at butterfly eggs, caterpillars, pupas and different breeds of butterfly, many from Brazil.


Class 2 were chosen to help release young salmon into the river Esk. This was part of a project with the North Yorkshire National Park breeding programme for slamon in which the whole school had been involved helping to look after the salmon and learning all about them. We also took the opportunity to have a closer look at other creatures that live in the river.