Pre-School at Sleights Primary School

Welcome to Pre-School. The teaching staff are: Pre-School Supervisor Mrs Marsay, Deputy Supervisor Miss Idle and teaching assistant Mrs Bland.


  Pre-School is open from 8.50am till 12 noon Monday to Friday with additional sessions from 12pm - 3pm on Monday and Friday.

Term time only

There are 16 places available and this is on a first come first served basis. 

Children welcome from the age of 3.


This term in Pre-School we have been taking part in a mini Olympic Games. The children took part in lots of activities both inside and out including: balancing challeges, balloon games, throwing beanbags, decorating flags from different countries and making their own medals.

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 The children from Pre-School were invited on a trip to visit Sainsbury's. We went on the Sainsbury's big orange bus and sang songs all the way. Our favourite was 'The Wheels on the Bus'. We were given a full tour of the store visiting all the departments. At the bakery we were given some 'giraffe bread' to try, it was yummy!! After we had looked round we went behind the scenes and were given a delicious snack of pears, kiwi fruit, melon and flapjack with some fruit juice as well. We had a wonderful time.




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