Our Values at Sleights Primary School


Our Mission is:

To enable each child to build secure foundations within a nurturing Christian family environment, so that they may flourish in their learning and personal growth, and be equipped for life in the modern world.


Our school functions as a community that values the contributions of all those involved in its life.


That community includes children, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, governors and the church. Staff and Governors aim to secure for the pupils a safe, happy and welcoming environment in which to work and play. Each child is encouraged to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and the local community.


Children are encouraged to develop a caring, responsible and Christian attitude to themselves and others, their work and the environment in which they live -


*they are taught to be helpful, honest, kind and caring and to treat each other with respect


*they are expected to show self disipline, be courteous and considerate and take responsibility for their own actions


* they are encouraged to have confidence in themselves and value their own achievements in all areas of the curriculum


Our school provides a disciplined, stimulating and well organised learning environment in which children are expected to work to their full potential and are encouraged to aim for and reach high standards of achievement. We aim to develop in each child a sense of self-motivation, independence and confidence to make informed choices that lay the foundations for future life.